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Sizes: 148.8cm x 45.2cm x 7.7cm

The AV8 foil board is specially designed for riders looking for performance and efficiency with high end materials. The AV8 is made from 100% prepreg carbon with EPS foam core. With it's race oriented design, beveled rails for max lean angle and it's extended planing surface, the AV8 will keep you ahead of the pack. A warrior on the race course and an explorer on the open water.



Low weight, max lean angle, early take-off.




    • EPS Core, light weight, buoyant
    • 100% carbon sandwich
    • Beveled Rails provide you with maximum lean angle
    • Pro box foil connection
    • Full EVA pad
    • 3 Strap insert configuration

AV8 Foil Board


     (71) 3367-5477

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